Custom Designs

Diamantina also build homes custom created by our design team or your architects.
Helping our clients realise their dream of a Custom Designed Home starts right at the beginning.
Diamantina are motivated to help their clients develop their ideal home design that suits both their needs, the local council regulations and also making sure that the suggested solution is practical and workable for the particular home site. Diamantina have pre-negotiated special rates with Surveyors, Professional Building Designers and Architects that they know and trust to help our clients with this initial design process.
Custom Home Building requires a greater level of supervision on site, coupled with the ability to be flexible and manage challenges as they arise, both pre -construction and during construction.
To find out more about our Rural Contemporary range, our exciting 12 Meter Urban Series, or a one off Custom Designed home visit our web site or call the Director, Frank Krncevic on 0413 75 75 65 to arrange a no obligation appointment.

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