About Us

Established in 1994, Diamantina has already earned a reputation for excellence in design and construction of new residential homes and developments.

Most of the referrals coming to talk with Diamantina are from would be home builders who know of a past Diamantina client or often from within the architects fraternity.

Once a person becomes a Diamantina client they are working directly with the principals of the company. With utmost care and professionalism, the team at Diamantina guide their clients through many aspects of the building process.

These include:

  • From the initial concept of building
  • Through the statutory bodies for approvals where necessary
  • Design suggestions and assistance
  • Practicality and Budget matters
  • Selections of external and internal design.

A Diamantina built residence incorporates a high degree of attention to detail and an appropriate level of finish relative to the investment the client is striving to work within.

Where possible, the company will design and construct a home while being mindful of their client’s specifications, regardless of the home size.

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